How to make ssl-encrypted connections:

  • First of all, download the openssl for windows (version 0.9.7c works fine) from as BINARIES and ZIP format
  • Unzip and copy the following files from the bin diretory of the unzip folder in the LIPOWARE program directory: libeay32.dll and libssl32.dll
  • Rename the file libssl32.dll to ssleay32.dll
  • Now you can make the certificates: See MySQL Users Manual
    You can download a Batch-File: mycerts.bat and copy it into < Path_to_xampp > xampp\mysql and run it.
    This batch will create the Demo-CA Cert and client/server cert and key files.
  • Please change the my.cnf in the xampp/mysql/bin folder:
    (For example the certs are stored in E:\WWW\xampp\mysql\openssl).
    If you want to use the normal ssl-port 3307 you also must change this in the my.cnf file.
  • Now create a ASCII Textfile named ssl.ini in the Lipoware program directory:
    The first line is important and necsessary, the 2nd and 3rd line are optional. If these last lines are missing, you must enter 2 blank lines!
  • Now when you start Lipoware, you should be able to connect to port 3307 via OpenSSL.
  • Finally you must create an user with the SSL-Option checked in Lipoware.